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…Even If You've Never Placed A Bet Before In Your Life…



Yes it’s true!  Using exclusive information, I’ve been heading to the 'Pay' window consistently since 2002. During that time, my information has relieved the bookmakers of £32,791.70. That's an average extra annual salary of £6,558.34, each year for the past five years, from just £10 stakes


Latest Results Here…. Over 67 points up already!


Find out how I do it, and how you too can benefit from my painstaking research...


Celebrating in the Winning Owner's Lounge at LingfieldCelebrating in the Winning Owner's Lounge at Lingfield after our horse, Rapid City, won again... (I'm second from the left!)


"Sign up for our FREE info. STOP PRESS: Latest winners

Silver Jaro @ 50/1 !

Sandwith @ 22/1 !"



Dear Fellow Bettor,

I've been involved in horseracing for a long time and, as an owner, I've been incredibly fortunate. Actually, I've part owned horses called Love's Design and Rapid City, who between them have managed to win an astonishing eleven races. If you're a regular racing follower, you'll know how rarely this happens.

And it's the same with betting.


Did you know that 98.3% of gamblers lose money?


And, of that tiny minority of 1.7% who can turn a profit from racing, almost all are professional gamblers.

Their 'day job' it is to sift through the mountains of information relating to every possible element of a horse race, trying to find the answer.

How many of us have the time to do this? In fact, how many of us even want to do this? If you're like me, then you enjoy your racing and betting. But you have bills to pay, and you can't just rely on betting to 'bring home the bacon'.

At least that's how I used to be. I suppose I used to be an above average gambler. I used to win quite often but overall I know that I lost money. Not a lot. But I was definitely in the 98.3% who regularly donated to bookmaking charities!

Then, about eight years ago, I decided that I'd made enough contributions to the Bookie's Benefit Fund. I decided that I wanted to be in the top 1.7%, who actually took more money out of racing than they put in.


Have you had enough of 'enjoying' racing but losing money?


So I set about trying to find a way to win. And, believe me, that's harder than it sounds! There's a reason why only one person out of every fifty shows a profit. Or, more accurately, there are hundreds of reasons.

I simply couldn't find a way to win consistently. After trying what seemed like thousands of systems and ideas, and losing money every time, I nearly gave up. I was beginning to think it's impossible to get into that legendary top 1.7%...


I'd tried:

·                     Tipsters

·                     Ratings Services

·                     Premium Rate Telephone Lines

·                     Complex Arbitrage Systems

·                     Staking Plans

·                     And Many More!


They all ended up costing me money. If you're like me, you've probably tried a number of different things already as well.

But just when it seemed like time to call it a day, I found another new angle, and I was really excited by what I saw...

My 'new angle' revolved around the theory that certain trainers targeted races at certain tracks with some of their horses. Several months of painstaking analysis later, and it was clear that by following these specific trainers in a specific way, big profits could be made.

From that moment in 2003, my stats have been consistently beating the bookie. Nowadays, with the advent of betting exchanges, such as Betfair - even greater opportunities for profit have become available.

Carry on reading and I'll show you why my research is...


My Research Is Better Than Anything You've Seen Before


There are literally hundreds of books on the market which promise to make you a profit by following statistics, and perhaps some of them do actually live up to their hype. For a while at least.... Most of them never live up to the bluster on their back cover. My information does. These stats have consistently harvested big profits since 2003.

And now, for the first time on the flat, I've made the fruits of my research available to the public. Anyone and everyone with access to a newspaper and a betting shop, or the internet, now has the ability to generate consistent and reliable returns. Whether you are a racing professional, or have never placed a bet in your life, my guide tells you clearly and specifically how to win at horseracing, time and time and time again.

For every Flat turf course in the UK (except Lingfield and Southwell), there is a section listing which trainers and which races to bet in, and showing the performance of these selections over the last five years. These statistics have recorded


Over £6,500 In Profits Every Year, For The Last FIVE Years!


Don't worry if you've never placed a bet before, there's also a Glossary of Terms to explain some of the racing jargon, and for everyone there's an introduction by the author, explaining how to bet and ways to optimize profits.

I have pulled everything together in an eGuide called Trainer Flat Stats 2008. Inside it, you'll see there's no flannel: just a short introduction by me, and then the bookie-bashing stats.

Before I tell you how you can secure your copy of Trainer Flat Stats 2008, take a look for yourself at how the information has performed over the last five years.

Over those five years, you would have won an average £6,558.34 just betting to win at Starting Price (SP) using just £10 stakes. The profit would have been considerably bigger still if you used a betting exchange like Betfair. The tables below give the full rundown of the success story that is Trainer Track Stats.


Isn't It Time You Got Revenge On Your Bookmaker?


You'll notice throughout that I've used a relatively low stake unit of £10. But there's no reason why - if your budget allows it - you couldn't make MUCH more.

For instance, for five years you could have easily and systematically picked up over £65,000 for £100 level stakes! And that's just on the win part! Whatever your staking units, it won't take long for you to easily recover your outlay, and start winning some nice money from your bookie. But for now, let's keep it simple, and stick to £10 stakes.

Now, of course, historical track records do not guarantee future profits, but one glance of TrainerFlatStats 2008 will reassure you as to the quality of the research that sets it apart from so many other so-called 'betting guides'.

Apart from the obvious fact that Trainer Flat Stats makes money - very good, consistent, regular money - its other great benefit is that it's so quick and easy to identify qualifiers, and place your bets.


Select And Place Your Bets In 10 Minutes A Day


You just check the Racing Post newspaper, or on the internet at , and find out where the race meetings are. Then, you look in Trainer Flat Stats for the trainer(s) to follow at each track. Check the race cards in the paper to see if the trainers have any runners, and then see if they're in the right type of race. If they are, and the odds are right, you've found yourself a qualifier. How hard was that?!

So if form study leaves you cold, or takes too long - like it used to for me - Trainer Flat Stats 2008 is the horse racing system guide for you. I've done the analysis for you (and for me of course!), leaving you with the simple task of locating the day's selections and placing your bets. The Racing Post newspaper or an internet connection is the only tool you need. If you're reading this - i.e. on the internet - then you're ready to go.


Completely Revised And Updated Data For 2008


Of course, like everything else, things change from year to year. That's why, before the start of each new racing season, I spend weeks reviewing the previous season's data, and refining the qualifiying trainers and races for the coming season.

There's nothing sinister about this. It's just that trainers come and go. For instance, the undisputed king of the training ranks for over a decade was Henry Cecil. But Henry's winner count has been in decline for some seasons now and his stats for most tracks are not strong enough any more. In the same way that's its crucial to recognise trainers on the way down, its also even more important to recognise trainers on the way up, before everyone else knows about them. I'm fairly confident that even if you're a seasoned horse racing fan, there's at least one name on the Trainer Flat Stats roster that you're not familiar with...!

The reason that 80% of trainers stay the same and about 20% change from year to year is because that's reality. Things don't stand still, and I am keen to reflect that for my readers. Trainer Flat Stats is not like some publications you see online, where they're never updated from the minute they go online and can be up to five years out of date! What use is that?!

My information is fresh and current for this season, 2008. That's true for tracks in the guide. You won't find any historical trends that have long since passed their 'sell by' date here, just bang up-to-date information prepared exclusively and specifically for this season.


New For 2008: The Effects Of The Draw At Each Course


And, for the first time this season, I have included a section for each course on the effect of the draw. My research is undertaken using a massive proprietary database, and is current to the end of the last turf season, so the draw information is more up-to-date than any other I know. For this reason, there may be one or two surprises here, when compared with say the information at

Horse racing will never be a science. There are far too many imponderables : elements you can't hope to factor in. But Trainer Flat Stats 2008 comes closer than anything I've seen to 'turning the noble art of horse racing into a money-spinning science'.

See what customers had to say about my recent products and services:




"I would just like to say thank you for the best Cheltenham I have ever had: started the meeting off with just £20 & ended it with £1,191" - TM


"Once again yesterday you got me my stakes back with your selections, that's the 3rd time you've done it for me! A better man would trust you completely and be considerably better off!" - JS


"Your analysis of tomorrows races is a real 'tour de force' or lose, absolutely brilliant. Miles in front of all the others I deal with, and, believe me, I deal with a lot!. Let me tell you now; you really are the best.." - GP


"I thought I would drop you a quick line to say how very pleased I am with the service/system. I had goose bumps on my arm as I watched the big winner today, not just because of the individual win, but more because I felt I had proof of your claims and that my hunt for a genuine way of making money from betting is in sight. Thank you very much!" - SS, London


"Just a note to say a BIG thank you. Your information provided great entertainment and as it turned out a pretty profit too. I was following your portfolio picks and whilst I was only doing a trivial £2 a point I managed to get Silver Jaro at 99/1 on Betfair - Wa Hey!! " - KM

"...and it's really easy to identify the qualifiers. I wish I'd had this five years ago!" - SB, Bournemouth

Latest TrainerFlatStats Results Here…. Over 67 points up already!

Free Stuff!

By adding your details below, you'll receive my extremely profitable and informative blog posts directly to your inbox. These are not to be missed.

For instance, at Cheltenham in March, I advised readers to follow the trends I'd researched at the Festival. The result: winners at 16/1, 9/1 THREE times, 10/1 and 50/1! (On the betting exchanges, both were freely trading at double those odds!)

At Aintree last April, I told readers I was confident that the winner was on my shortlist of six, which included Silver Birch. Result: Silver Birch won at 33/1 (available at 66/1 on the betting exchanges!)

Stop Press: I told my readers to back this year’s Grand National winner too, at 12/1

Can you afford to miss the next big-priced winner?! Sign up for free now, by filling in your details below...

Simply enter your name and email address below and click the "Send" button to get started.


NOTE: I never share your information with anybody. Period. I hate spam.


Consistency is the key...


My objective throughout has been to ensure a consistent return all season long. That's why I never bet any qualifier if its odds are bigger than 14/1. You won't see any quotes of 66/1 winners here. Because I don't want the 120 losers at the same price. With Trainer Flat Stats 2008 you simply get

a constant stream of 14/1, 12/1, 10/1, 8/1, 6/1, 4/1, 2/1 Winners...

With a greater than 36% strike rate, that means well over one in every three bets are winners. At odds up to 14/1!

Just one thing though, before I go on: If you're looking for fancy graphics in a pretty booklet, then this is probably NOT for you. I'm not a graphic artist, I'm a horseracing fan and statistics student.

If you're looking for every bet to be a winner, then this is NOT for you either. The statistics show that over the season you will show a tidy profit, but your first bet (and even your second and third bets) may not yield a winner.

But if you're looking for top quality, consistent, no-waffle advice that is not available anywhere else, then this IS for you... And I'm confident that you'll end up in front. So confident in fact that I will allow you to try my guide risk free. More on that in a moment...


Sounds Too Good To Be True? It's Not!


Now, I've been around racing long enough to know that you're probably thinking this is too good to be true. I would be thinking the exact same thing, and have discovered many times before to my cost that 'information' was in fact too good to be true. Put another way, it simply wasn't true.

So let me try to answer some of the questions you might have. If you've got any other questions at all, then please email them to me at


Question #1: "Okay Matt, if it's so good, then why are you willing to share it with me?"

Good question, and an easy one to answer. Its simply because of something which occurred to me when I was telling my friend, Gavin, what I was doing and how he could do it, and I realised how simple it was for him to copy me. It got me thinking. What I do is really easy and... if it works for me and Gavin, it'll work for you.


Question #2: "But won't the profits be reduced if more people have access to this information?"

If I thought that sharing my knowledge would eat into my profits then I wouldn't do it. But surely you'd expect that. After all, it's an awful lot of hard work to get these nuggets of information, and I want to enjoy the fruits of my labour.

However, since the start of these wonderful websites called betting exchanges, there is enough 'pie' for everyone to have a slice. If you're not familiar with exchanges like Betfair, let me explain.

Betting exchanges offer a service to bring two or more people together to make a bet. One person thinks a horse will win, and the other thinks it will not. These people bet against each other, with their stake money held by the exchange, and paid out to the winner.

Now if there were only a few people doing it, this wouldn't work very well. But the fact is,

the exchanges are 'matching' over a MILLION POUNDS PER RACE!

So you can see that there is more than enough money there for me to get my £20 on (or whatever amount I stake) and you to do likewise, and lots of others too. And, of course, I get an additional income from showing people how to do this. It really is a 'win-win' situation!

However, I do want to protect our little 'sideline' hobby, and for that reason, there is a limited number of people who can get in and join me on this. After all, it's no good if the winners keep coming, but only half of us can get our bet on...! So I'd urge you to get in now, while the opportunity is still available.


Question #3: "What if I can’t identify the qualifiers, or I just don’t have time?"

I must say that finding qualifiers is quite straightforward and there are clear instructions in the guide. However, if you are not sure, or if you just don’t have the ten minutes or so each day required to identify qualifiers, you can sign up to receive an email each day with the qualifiers in it. So you do nothing: just check your inbox, and back qualifiers.

If this sounds like the option for you, you can sign up here.


Question #4: "Surely anybody can find profitable statistics to 'fit in' with their system?"

I've seen a number of products recently where the information was clearly 'retro- ' or 'back fitted'. If you haven't heard these terms before, it means the data was tinkered with to fit what the product was trying to do.

Now, of course, the whole point about statistics is that they reflect history. The statistics which try to predict the future are always based on those that have actually happened in the past, and the more historical information there is, the better the predictions (usually).

The difference between 'good stats' and 'bad stats' - or retro fitted stats - is that good research has a solid basis in logic. Lets use an example to illustrate this:

Sir Mark Prescott is well known for getting horses ready to win handicaps. He does this by giving them three runs in maiden races (races for horses who have never won) before entering them in their first handicap race. In those three races, they might run over six furlongs (or three quarters of a mile). When they then run in handicap company, it is no surprise to see the race is to be run over one and a half miles.

In other words, the horses were deliberately being run over a trip that was way too short, and of course they show marked improvement for the longer distance. Indeed, if you'd bet ALL of Sir Mark's horses in handicap races only last season, you'd have had 34 winners from 119 runners (28.57%), and a small profit. By backing only male horses at 14/1 or shorter, as we do with TFS 2008, you'd have had 28 winners from just 90 runners (31.11%) and a profit of just shy of £500 for £20 stakes.

The logic is clear: Sir Mark Prescott uses this same tactic time and time again, and the evidence of the stats merely supports the profitability of what he does.

I've used an extreme example to illustrate the point. In Trainer Flat Stats 2008, I don't nominate trainers to back at every track like Sir Mark, but rather specific trainers in specific race types at each track.

For a copy of my free "Seven Deadly Sins To Avoid" course, and see for yourself the consistent winner-finding power of TrainerFlatStats 2008. (Just hit send when the email pops up, and check your inbox - and junk/spam box - in a few minutes).


ORDER TODAY and don't miss another winner!


TrainerFlatStats 2008 identifies on average around four or five qualifiers a day, and they win at approximately 37% strike rate. This means that there are - on average - one or two winners every day, at odds of up to 14/1.

Secure your copy today, and make sure you don't miss another winner!

That's what I offer you as a thank you for trialling TFS 2008, even if you feel you want to take advantage of my genuine 'No Quibble, No Discussion, No Problem' 100% money back guarantee.


"Ok, sounds great Matt... How do I do get my 'slice of the action'...?"


Well, it's all pretty straightforward... that's the way I like things and I reckon you probably do too. So, unlike some system products, there'll be NO silly Profit Split ... NO Hefty Up Front Payment... NO Royalties... NO Interference...

And don't worry, I'm not going to ask you for anything like the £3,670 I estimate it cost me to research and produce this guide. Instead, I've decided the fairest way of doing this would be to offer you this information for LESS than you can make in a single bet...

So for you to get a copy of my exclusive private research... to be in a position to place your first bet TODAY...

Let's just keep it very simple and the cost low. In fact, the fee I've set for this fantastic winner-finding research is just 10% of the average monthly profit last year.

That's a lot less than the £3,670 I've calculated it cost me to produce, at a special price of just £47 ($97). Less than the return for just one 2/1 winner!

And we had 53 winners at 2/1 or bigger last year!

That's £3,623 LESS than its cost me...

not bad for a 'hobby' from which you can make over £6,500 A YEAR.

That's all the information you need for you to consistently return to the pay window again and again and again. All for just £47 ($97).


And to make your decision even easier, I've decided to offer a guarantee to you:


Full 8 Week No Quibble Money Back Guarantee!

I fully understand some of you reading this may be unsure so I'll make this opportunity completely RISK-FREE for you with my 100% ironclad personal guarantee!

Risk Free - 100% Satisfaction guaranteed

If, after using my system for eight weeks, you don't believe it is everything I say it is then simply email me and ask for your money back, and you'll get a 100% refund. No questions asked. That means you get eight weeks - that's a full 56 days to profit from using this method WITH NO RISK TO YOURSELF.


That's the promise I make to you.

I Want You To Be Absolutely Satisfied!


By the way, I know that there are some deceitful villains out there who promise a money back guarantee, but fail to deliver. These people really are scum of the earth. To assure you I'm as good as my word, here is a quote from a customer who requested a refund for TrainerTrackStats, my winter guide (you can find this info on his blog at it's the entry for November 23rd)


Today I thought I would give a mention to a new e-book that is doing the rounds, called Trainer Track Stats. Have a look at it at Now the angle the author takes is to find what trainer performs best at each track, and in what type of race. The author, Matt Bisogno offers a 4 week money back guarantee on his book. After reading the system I found similar to another system I had, but in more detail than the one I have. I requested the refund and it arrived that day. All communications I had with Matt were excellent. I have to recommend you give this a try. If it's not for you then you can be assured you will receive the promised refund. He also uses a clever software to protect his e-book from being ripped off and sold on the cheap by others, so if you are a bit of a scamster, keep away!!


Ask yourself "what have I got to lose?"

As I've already mentioned, you don't just receive the awesome winner-finding power of Trainer Flat Stats 2008. When you secure your copy of Trainer Flat Stats, you'll also become party to the amazing information that has found winners at up to 50/1 for subscribers in recent weeks. In fact, that service - for my clients only - has netted winners at 50/1 in the last TWO Cheltenham Festivals, as well as nominating 33/1 Grand National winner, Silver Birch. And, as a thank you for trying Trainer Flat Stats, you'll get to receive this info even if you decide that TFS is not for you.

Having read this, I hope you'll agree, this is truly eye-popping value! But, like all good things, it cannot go on forever...

As I said, to protect the value of the research for all my customers (and myself!), AVAILABILITY IS STRICTLY LIMITED. This is not negotiable and its not marketing 'spiel', so please don't ask for a copy after my limit is reached. When I've hit my ceiling, I will not sell any more copies. I'm sure you'll agree, this is in everybody's interest. At the time of writing, I've only got 250 112 68 copies left.

Let's not dwell on this any longer, except to say I hope you get your copy while you still can...


...Order Online NOW With Clickbank or PayPal...




This will take you through to Clickbank's Secure Payment site, and don't worry, you don't need a Clickbank account to do this. You can also pay via PayPal from here, if you wish to.

If you're looking for a way to supplement your income, or perhaps even replace it, by using some exclusive information not available anywhere else, this is the product for you. It's quick to identify selections, and it's so easy, anyone can do it.

My information is based on strong logic and cold, hard statistics. And I've made a profit in each of the last FIVE YEARS with this info.

Imagine the feeling you'll have going back to the 'PAY' window again, as your friends look on enviously...

And don't forget that as well as the goldmine of information that is Trainer Flat Stats 2008, you also get

access to my lucrative and entertaining horseracing website, with lots of free systems, and a hugely profitable blog.

Please don't delay and miss out. Remember, when my target limit is reached, that will be that. No discussion. No second chances. (I'm sorry about this, but I have promised to protect the value of the information for my customers).

Now it's over to you...

As I hope has been clear from the start, through hard work and lots of computerized number crunching, I have unearthed some real gems that help me, and people who follow me, to return to the winner's enclosure time after time. There's no flannel... no unachievable claims... just a way of consistently making some 'pocket money' - or maybe more - on a regular basis.

It's information which could make you over £570 a month with minimal outlay, and of course, the amount you stake is up to You. If you use a traditional bookmaker, this money is TAX FREE!

With all this in mind, its time for you to answer the question, "What have I got to lose?", by clicking the 'CLICK NOW TO PUCHASE' button below.




Remember, I guarantee you'll make money with my stats, or I'll give you your money back - no questions asked!

I wish you a fun and rewarding Summer season, and look forward to hearing from you very soon...

Finally, if you have any questions relating to anything you've seen or read here, please don't hesitate to contact me at

To Your Success,

Matt Bisogno


P.S. Remember , these stats have consistently returned more than one winner in every three bets - that's a better average than blindly betting favourites, and have made substantial profits every year since 2003. Every day that passes sees another winning bet opportunity slip away, so order your copy of Trainer Flat Stats NOW.

P.P.S. If you prefer to receive an email each day with the next day’s qualifiers, you can sign up here.

P.P.P.S. Remember, this is yours to try with absolutely NO RISK . Try my guide for a full 56 days - if it doesn't do what I claim it does, after eight weeks, simply send it back to me, and I will give you your money back - no questions asked!




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